Can you solve a murder mystery?

Main street, 2 AM. You’re the only person walking down the dark street, when you suddenly hear bone-chilling screams.
It came from the Catfish Club nearby. You’re heading towards the club.
At the entrance, you see someone trying to escape. Her name is Eleanor Porter, one of the waitresses who work at the club.
Eleanor tells you that there has been a murder. Eddie, the owner of the Catfish Club was found dead in his office, with a knife in his heart. Luckily, you’re a detective, and if someone can solve this mystery, it is you.
Time to interview the suspects.

Marjorie Adler – Jazz singer

“I was heading to Eddie’s office. You see, I’ve been singing here for over a year and I wanted to ask for a raise.
The audience loves me. So, when I reached Eddie’s office, I opened the door and saw him on his chair with a knife in his heart!
I slammed the door and started screaming. Walter was the first person to arrive”.

Walter Griffith – Trumpet player

“I was playing on stage when I heard screams coming from Eddie’s office. The office is close to the stage, so I got there quickly.
I saw Marjorie Adler screaming outside. I opened the door, when I turned on the lights inside I understood why Ms. Adler was screaming. Eddie was there, dead”.

Mary Elliott – A customer

“I was just getting out of the restroom when I suddenly heard a woman screams. I followed the voice and saw the jazz singer screaming. Nearby was the trumpet player, he opened the door of one of the rooms, turned on the lights, then I heard him gasp a little”.

Leonard Ripley – Bartender

“I have no idea what’s going on here. My shift has already ended 4 hours ago. I just remembered that I left my wallet under the bar, so I returned to take it”.

Eleanor Porter – Waitress

“I hope you don’t think I’m the murderer just because I was heading outside when you arrived. I was just trying to get help.
Eddie wasn’t just my employer. He was also… MY LOVER! When Marjorie told me he’s dead I had to do something, I was panicked”.

After hearing all suspects, you’re now ready to make an arrest. So, whodunit?

The answer is right here!

It was Marjorie Adler, the Jazz singer.
It’s 2 AM, the streets are dark. Walter Griffith had to turn on the lights to see that Eddie was dead, Mary Elliott says so too. It was too dark to see Eddie’s body while the lights were off, Marjorie could not see Eddie was dead, let alone seeing the murder weapon. But she did know – that’s because she murdered him herself!