Game review: Rabbit Hill

Rabbit Hill is a horror adventure game by Two Tales Entertainment (a one man team), which was developed using the AGS engine.
The beginning reminds a lot of typical horror movies: while driving home, Tim and his wife Kate crashes into a tree. Luckily, they’re alright, but the same cannot be said about their car.

Rabbit hill
Pretty soon they find a gas station with a restaurant and a motel, but the place looks deserted.
When Kate disappears and Tim finds a body in the restroom things start to get real creepy.

Rabbit hill
The game will provide you with several hours of exploring and a few jump scares. It was rather difficult and I had to use the walkthrough several times.
The game uses pixelated graphics art style, just like they did in the ’90s.
You can save the game by pressing S, and load it by pressing L. Use the left mouse button to interact with objects and the right mouse button to inspect objects, and  travel faster between places. This feature helps a lot, because there’s a lot of walking to do in those woods, and after a while it can get annoying.

Rabbit hill
Overall, a nice game with an interesting plot that gets you into that spooky mood and helps you to pass the time.

You can download the game for free by clicking the download button below:


Carmel games story writer and graphic designer

Carmel games story writer and graphic designer