Let’s all go to the movies

There are five movie posters hanging on my office wall, and I was looking for a 6th.
But instead of buying something on eBay, I decided to be creative and draw my neighborhood’s old movie theater instead, where I used to watch a lot of horror flicks while growing up.
By now the theater is long gone and there isn’t a single photo of it to be found (and believe me I’ve tried), but I didn’t let this small problem stop me. I got me the theater’s blueprints 🙂
The theater was far from being an architectural masterpiece, but I still treasure it for the nostalgic value it has for me.
It opened in 1987 and I watched a lot of movies there: Garbage Pail Kids, Addams Family Values, Freddy’s Dead, Jurassic Park, Death Becomes Her and more. I still have some of the tickets for the movies I’ve watched.
movie tickets
Unfortunately, new multiplexes opening at the town’s outskirts have led to the closure of this theater in 1994.
The theater’s building was demolished during the summer of 1999.
Using a 3D software, I’ve built a rough model of the theater. After that I started working with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. To make it even more interesting I also threw in some of the ‘let’s all go to the lobby‘ characters.
The text on the poster was taken from the theater’s original grand opening ad.
And the result…
Ron theater
Now it’s hanging on my office wall, and I really like it. I hope you like it too.

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