Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History

Great Scott! This book is heavy! 224 pages, all filled with the story of making the Back to the Future trilogy, along with concept art, storyboards and several prop replicas, such as a Save the Clock Tower Flyer, a Jaws 19 Movie Poster, Lorraine and George’s Enchantment Under the Sea Dance photo and more.
back to the future - book review
back to the future - book review
The book is well written with many behind the scenes stories.
You don’t have to be a hardcore fan in order to enjoy this book (I sure don’t consider myself as one).
The only downside is that most replicas are held in place by small dots of glue, which requires a lot of effort if you want to remove them while not tearing anything.

If you wish to see more, check out this preview video I made.