Twilight Zone graphic novel

The Twilight Zone Comic Book

The Twilight Zone is a classic sci-fi television series which has lots of fans all over the world, and I’m one of them. That’s why…

Brain Teasers

Challenge your brain with our first batch of brain teasers. Look at the comments section for answers. This note says that you’ll never know the…
Can you solve a murder mystery?

Can you solve a murder mystery?

Main street, 2 AM. You’re the only person walking down the dark street, when you suddenly hear bone-chilling screams. It came from the Catfish Club…

The Garbage Pail Kids Book

I first started collecting Garbage Pail Kids back in 1987. I used to save my allowance and spend most of it on Garbage Pail Kids…

Horror Block Horrors

As a horror fan I had to give Horror Block a try. I ordered 4 boxes, over a period of 8 months, just to see…

Mystery Shack Poster

It’s been a long time I’ve been wanting to decorate my office walls with my very own original artwork, but I haven’t come up with…