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Where are they now

It has been a year since Chase moved to Hazard, here are the highlights of what happened during that time:
Milo the bartender decided to retire. He sold his pub to his most trusted employee Lucy, she is now redecorating it as we speak.

James the magician accidentally torched the Sinners club while trying to perform a magic trick. Luckily, him and the old guy who was at the club escaped through the emergency exit. James has not been seen ever since. A new movie theatre is currently being built on top of the ruins of the Sinners club.

Marsha found a true love. Her boyfriend Chen works at a Chinese restaurant – where they met. She did not suffer from a chop-stick shortage ever since.

Marsha and her new boyfriend

Annie solved the Navier–Stokes existence and smoothness problem and won a $1,000,000 prize. She is now a well known and respected mathematician.


Joseph was not satisfied with his giant cookie, so he went outside to buy a new one. On his way he decided to buy a Scratch-N-Win ticket, which got him a $500,000 prize!
He bought the Solo Apartments Building and became a real estate tycoon.
The Solo Apartments Building is now being renovated. Joseph considers running for the 2044 US presidency elections.


Darlene, the Housekeeper, received the golden bucket she has always dreamed of.

Mr. Sock and his new partner have worked hard together, and are now launching their debut musical in Broadway.

And last but not least, Chase and Katlyn are still together. The photo below was taken at their trip to Redwood National Park.


1. What was the movie Joseph was watching in his apartment?
2. Can you guess what song was the writer of the game listening to while deciding which city Chase will move to?
3. The alligator in Joseph’s apartment looked familiar to Chase from an old point and click adventure game he used to play as a kid. Do you know which game?


1. A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master
2. Richard Marx – Hazard
3. Sam & Max hit the road


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