Solve the Case: Murder at the Office

Bayview office Tower, 6th floor. Yet another murder.
The dead body of Sam Elliott is lying on the floor of the Elliott Publishing House lobby. A cup of coffee is spilled all over his office desk. The smell of coffee is in the air, but also the familiar scent of rat poison. No doubt about it, Sam was poisoned, but who could have done this? Time to interview the suspects.

Beth Gardner – The secretary
“I can’t believe it. I heard Sam chocking in his office. He opened his office door and collapsed right in front of me. I screamed for help and called 911. Sam loves making his own coffee, so when Robert here told me Sam has been poisoned, I was in shock!”

Robert Chen – Vistior
“I was here, sitting in the lobby, waiting for Mr. Elliott to see me. You see, I wrote a book and I’m looking for a publisher. Just like Beth said, we heard choking sounds. Then Mr. Elliott opened his door and collapsed on the floor.
He was definitely poisoned, I could tell because I know the smell of that particular rat poison. The moment he opened his door the poison’s scent just filled the room”.

Warren Ragsdale – Mr. Elliott’s assistant
“I just got here. I have no idea what happened. It’s a disaster. Sure, I’ll be the new CEO of Elliott Publishing House, but that’s not the way I thought I’ll get this job”.

William Bowyer – Owner of Bowyer Publishing House
“My business is right across the hall from Elliott’s. I was talking with Sam over the phone and told him it’s about time to make this stupid rivalry between us a thing of the past. That’s when I heard him chocking. A couple of seconds later I heard some woman screams over the phone’s receiver and from across the hall. I hung up the phone, got out of my office and entered Elliott Publishing House. That’s when I saw Sam’s body lying on the floor. I am just as shocked as you are”.

Cheryl Sousa – Rat Poison Saleswoman
“Please don’t tell me you’re considering me as a suspect! As you probably know, the Bayview Office Tower is filled with rats.
I have lots of customers here so I visit almost daily. Mr. Elliott didn’t buy any of my merchandise. He said he’s against killing animals, even rats. Other than Mr. Elliott, about 80% of the offices in this building have bought my poison. I came over here today to convince the other 20%. Now, who’s the new man in charge instead of Mr. Elliott? Perhaps I can make another sale!”

After hearing all suspects, you know for sure that one of them is lying. So, whodunit?


The murderer is… William Bowyer!
William claims he was over the phone with Sam. He said he heard Beth screaming over the phone, yet, the phone receiver is in its place!