The Garbage Pail Kids Book

I first started collecting Garbage Pail Kids back in 1987. I used to save my allowance and spend most of it on Garbage Pail Kids booster packs, and then trade these cards with kids in my school.
As I grew older, I placed my collection in a shoe box and never saw it since. You have no idea how much I miss that shoe box’s contents. Though it is still possible to buy the GPK cards through eBay, it could be a bit pricey and some of them are in bad shape.
And so, just like a sign from above, I came across an ad for this book:
Garbage Pail Kids Book
It’s not my GPK shoe box, but I guess it’s as close as I’ll ever get to it! This book definitely fills the void left by the missing shoe box. The book includes large reproductions of the original GPK 1 to 5 series. The book has 224 pages and each page depicts a separate card. There’s also a nice foreword written by Art Spiegelman, the guy who created the GPK.

The book comes with a pack of 4 vintage Garbage Pail Kids stickers on the back cover and I highly recommend this book for anyone who grew up collecting these cards. It sure is a lot cheaper than hunting down the actual set of cards.
If you have kids, I’m pretty sure they will love it too!
Garbage Pail Kids
If you wish to see more, check out this preview video I made.