Beyond the Gates (2016)

The movie starts when two estranged brothers, Gordon and John, reunite at their missing father’s video store.
Beyond the Gates 2016
Their father has been missing for the past 7 months. Assuming he’s dead, the two brothers start cleaning out the VHS store. That’s when they find a VHS board game, called ‘Beyond the Gates’.
Beyond the Gates 2016Beyond the Gates 2016
The brothers decide to play the game along with Gordon’s girlfriend, Margot.
Beyond the Gates 2016
Soon they learn there’s a connection between the game and their father’s disappearance. Furthermore, now that they already started playing, they must finish the game or else they’ll die!
Beyond the Gates 2016
That was quite an interesting movie. It was fun at some parts and a little spooky at others, but most of all it was pretty original (excluding Jumanji (-;), unlike most horror movies the are released these days, with the same haunted house or same haunted doll (and don’t get me started with the remakes). The VHS store and the VHS board game both gave a throwback to the old horror flicks of the ’80s.
The special effects are pretty bad (they might even make you laugh), but for a low-budget flick it’s somewhat forgivable.
I feel that with a little extra work on the script, it could have been a great horror movie.

The Bottom Line

If you like low-budget ’80s movies, you’ll enjoy watching this one.