The Hallow (2015)

Adam Hitchens and his family move to a remote house somewhere deep in the forests of Ireland.
Adam is a ‘tree doctor’ and he must venture into the woods nearby, looking for sick trees.
The Hallow 2015
The townspeople warn him not to do so because the forest belongs to the Hallow, sinister creatures who were driven from their sacred lands.
Adam ignores the warnings and quickly finds himself in a fight for his family’s lives.
The Hallow 2015
This movie contains every cliche you could think of: Phone lines get disconnected, power’s out, creepy attic, baby monitor that makes weird noises, baby goes missing, crazy neighbor no one believes to, dog gets killed, etc – this movie has them all – and that’s what makes it so predictable and boring. There’s not a single original idea in the entire film.
The acting was decent but it doesn’t help much when the script itself is terrible.

The Bottom Line

Skip it.