Book Reviews

Kill River by Cameron Roubique

Book Review: Kill River

There is something very thrilling about horror books which take place in amusement parks, fairs or carnivals. Kill River, by Cameron Roubique, is the first…
Halloween books

6 Books to Read This Halloween

Looking for books which will get you in the mood for Halloween? Then look no further and just check out these six books. While not…
Goosebumps - Slappy and Other Horror Stories

Reader Beware… You’re in for a Scare

The word ‘Goosebumps’ will sure bring back your childhood memories if you grew up during the ’90s. I used to be a big fan of…

Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History

Great Scott! This book is heavy! 224 pages, all filled with the story of making the Back to the Future trilogy, along with concept art,…
Twilight Zone graphic novel

The Twilight Zone Comic Book

The Twilight Zone is a classic sci-fi television series which has lots of fans all over the world, and I’m one of them. That’s why…

The Garbage Pail Kids Book

I first started collecting Garbage Pail Kids back in 1987. I used to save my allowance and spend most of it on Garbage Pail Kids…